joy of living : summertime

June 6, 2022 - August 27, 2022

Summertime evokes long days with emerging energy soaking in abundance and beauty.

It is bike rides down dirt paths, picnics in dewy wildflower fields, chasing crashing waves, sand in your toes and dirt on your hands.

Summertime is lemonade, ice cream and cookouts. Good books on the beach, at the park or lying in a hammock under dappling light.

It is long evening walks, catching fireflies and sitting under the starry night sky watching for shooting stars.

Summertime has its own energy. 

Show us your energizing energy.

Your Joy of Living : Summertime.


Su Bailey

Julie Bethmann 

Paula Borsetti

Kirk Carter

Sally Dion

James Flynn

Marcia Herson

Tracey Hope-Ross

Ann Johnson

Heather Karp

Elissa Lincoln

Emily Rose Navarro

Melissa Partridge

Jim Roberts

Adrienne Silversmith

Amy Vander Els

Karen Wheelock

Sarah Wigglesworth

Rachel Wilcox

important dates:

 May 19, 2022  by, 11:59pm. Deadline for entries Extended Saturday, May 21-Midnight

May 21, 2022 Artist notification  --> By Monday, May 23

May 28 - May 31  & June 2, 2022  Delivery of artwork to gallery (during store hours)

June 6, 2022  Opening day of exhibition

June 11, 2022  5:00pm-7:30pm Opening Reception

 August 27, 2022  Last day of exhibition

August 28-September 2, 2022  Artists pick up work from gallery (during store hours)

Note: a storage fee of $5 per day will be accrued for pieces of art left beyond September 3 until the art is picked up. After 30 days of the show’s ending, alchemy + art reserves the right to place objects in storage at the Lender/Artist’s risk and expense.

Work cannot be withdrawn before the end of the exhibition.

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